Looking for that Special Someone? We are Dating-and-Singles.com!

We’re the Dating-and-Singles.com information portal for people who are searching for that special someone in their lives. But, we’re no Tinder or Matchmaker service – you’ll have to head on out elsewhere for that! But, we do have lots of information about things pertaining to love and relationships.

For example, you may wonder about keeping safe when navigating on line dating services – and well you should! Any dating or relationship website worth its salt will tell you that there are some common sense ways to approach meeting someone in the virtual world. Match.com has a number of sections about this at their site – A very brief glance towards the bottom of their site show sections called Online Dating Safety Tips, Dating Articles and Advice, How Online Dating Works, Success Stories, and Dating Tips (just for a small example).

In our opinion, whenever anyone is looking to find love via the online dating apps, these safety and advice articles are the FIRST place one should start, even before signing up.


Anyway, we’ve got lots of features coming, so stop by again soon.

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